Welcome to the Brain Gym®* NorCal Network!

Why Brain Gym?

If you want to …

  • do anything more easily
  • be more focused and organized
  • improve coordination and memory
  • be happier
  • reach your full potential

Brain Gym can help!

These simple movements activate early reflexes, developing and integrating movements we naturally do. Doing Brain Gym supports our brain’s plastic ability to grow, create new skills and ideas, and enjoy life.

Brain Gym is recommended in books by well-known authors such as Daniel Amen, M.D., Edward Hallowell, M.D., Carla Hannaford, Ph.D. and Andrew Weill, M.D.

About the Network

We are licensed Brain Gym instructors in Northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We teach Brain Gym 101 and Brain Gym Level 2 classes, and sponsor classes in the Brain Gym core curriculum. If you plan to become licensed, you can start with local classes.

We also offer individualized Brain Gym sessions, and all of us have other training, which we incorporate into our sessions. Some of us teach other classes, such as Dayan QiGong and Natural Vision Improvement – you can find out what by going to our individual pages, or by checking the calendar.

You can learn more about Brain Gym, its uses, benefits and licensing requirements at www.braingym.org, including available books, and instructors and classes worldwide. As licensed instructors, we are part of an international network dedicated to helping people reach their true potential, through Brain Gym movement with intention.